Puppy Walking!

We breed our own beagles. When our pups are eight weeks’ old they go out in pairs to people who kindly offer to ‘puppy walk’ them.

This involves a stage of development in which the hounds should become familiar with walking on a lead, traffic, road awareness, other people and animals, farm stock and general socialisation skills.

It is up to the puppy walkers how much time they put in to preparing the hounds, but generally, the more time is spent with them, the more responsive the hounds are upon returning to kennels.

Click below to read about the first time  a staff member puppy walked two beagles, Pipt & Preacher.

2014 Puppy Walking Diary – Pipit & Preacher


Click below to read about the second time  a staff member puppy walked two beagles, Madcap and Mayfly.

2016 Puppy Walking Diary – Madcap & Mayfly

We are always interested in any offers of help with puppy walking. It is preferable that you live in a safe area away from main roads and that you have a secure place in which to keep the beagles.

Please contact hbeaconbeagles@yahoo.co.uk