Some useful websites that you may wish to explore to learn more about beagling and hunting in general.

Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles The Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB) represent 22 packs of Harriers and 62 packs of Beagles that hunt in the UK and 4 packs of beagles that hunt overseas. Use their website to find out more about the sport of beagling.

The Countryside Alliance works for everyone who loves the countryside and the rural way of life. Our vision is of a vital, working and thriving countryside for the benefit of the whole nation.

Ampleforth Beagles are a neighbouring pack.

Airedale Beagles are a pack based in West Yorkshire.

Old Berkeley Beagles

Holderness Hunt are a foxhound pack. We hunt the same country and our hounds are kennelled together!

Middleton Hunt are the other foxhound pack that we share country with.

The Highmoor Bloodhounds are a Bloodhound pack that we share some country with.